tech jobs that don't involve coding

Is it your dream to work for a tech company but you do not want to get involved in coding skills? People will tell you that you may do not enter a good tech company as an employee without coding skills. But, that’s not the truth, in fact, there are many high paying IT jobs that do not require any coding skills.

If you’re on the who are wondering “I don’t like coding what would I do” then this blog post is going to find about jobs that do not require coding skills at all.

Just try searching for a job at a tech company from big ones to startups. You might find something super interesting already without having to expand your skill set. But if you’re looking for a potential career change or you just want to know what other technical jobs there are that don’t require you to know how to code don’t go anywhere because you’re about to find out. All right, let’s start, below is the list of tech jobs that do not require coding skills:

#10 UX Design


It’s an area that’s really blowing up right now and every company needs it in some shape or form. UX designers are the people that make sure that the software websites apps Etc are user-friendly, but not only in the sense that there is logic but also do they solve users’ needs. A lot of the time they carry out research to find out what their users are like, what do the users like and what problems do these users have and think about how they can design an experience that will enhance users’ lives and solve their problems.

This job does not require you to know how to code but it does require a lot of empathy creativity putting the user first doing research design skills and the ability to pass wire-frames. Designs onto the developers and being able to communicate how they should be developed because that’s very important.

Once you design it somebody actually has to be able to put it into an app or a website or anything else, but you have to be able to communicate what your design actually is so that they design it that way.

#9 UI Designer


This job is very related or I can say similar to a UX designer. But, it’s more focused stores the actual interface so are thinks clickable, is there a nice logic to the layout Etc. This job is actually very similar to that of a UX designer and a lot of the times the two designers would work together and sometimes it’s just the same person UI and UX are kind of scene to go hand in hand.

If you want to learn about the difference between UX and UI. We have a detailed article about that data go and search type in the search bar to find.

#8 Data Analyst


Big data exists to be analyzed and to bring insights to businesses and tech companies have plenty of data and somebody has to analyze it. So if you’re good with numbers and statistics data science might be a nice fun field for you. However, it’s starting to involve more and more technical skills in order to pull and analyze data from databases and that might require some code.

So if you’re interested in becoming an even bigger expert in the field, you might want to consider learning the basics of SQL and python. The good news is that they’re very people friendly. We share courses where you can learn these skills for free once a month. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter so don’t miss any of that goodness.

#7 Digital Marketing


Digital marketing, content marketing, and community management all of these professions are evolving with technology. They didn’t exist. Not that long ago.

They’re all about the new types of media and about putting the right content in front of the Right audience has to generate awareness leads, etc. Etc. It’s not as easy as it sounds and you really have to be on top of the new developments new technologies and new communication channels in order to stay relevant and you always have to be innovative to stand out.

So if creativity is one of your friends and you’re fluent and social media, and that means not just from a user perspective, but also the analytic perspective and the whole ad world the maybe this could be a great area for you

#6 SEO Specialist

SEO stands for search engine optimization and basically means improving and optimizing your rankings in search engines for example in Google because then there’s more probability that people will find your company and learn about your services.

SEO experts work with teams of developers and web designers in order to make sure that the right keywords are ranking on the right spots. Also that when search engine robots are indexing the page they rank it higher.

#5 Web Analytics Specialist

This job is quite similar to that of data analyst but here you’re examining the traffic the people the users who are coming into a website/page. You see what works for them. What doesn’t work for them and you experiment with how you can grab their attention. Together with SEO experts, this job falls under the Digital Marketing umbrella

#4 Growth Hacker

This is a fun one hacking has recently become a very trendy way of saying and I can’t describe but with just one word. It means finding a way to succeed at something but doing so quickly elegantly and efficiently. Growth hacking is doing just that for the growth of the company.

It means combining marketing business development and technology in order to create campaigns to acquire users. It’s quite fun and it takes a lot of experiments, tests, creativity, flexibility and so on and so forth.

#3 Tech Support Specialist

Some tech support jobs require coding but others don’t in fact when I was working at Google some of my friends in the tech support team didn’t use code and their day-to-day jobs. This job does require great problem-solving skills and amazing communication skills because you have to communicate with the person whose problem you’re solving.

#2 Product Manager

When a company has a product somebody has to plan a strategy for it. Right? Well, that is what product managers do and this job requires strategic leadership skills in order to manage the product and the team that is involved in supporting and developing it.

#1 Technical Recruiter


Programmers and developers do need to be hired and finding the right ones is the final job on my list. Hiring people isn’t easy though, you need to have amazing communication skills and you need to know well what the job requires in order to figure out whether the person has the right skills or not?

This is why I experienced them tag is beneficial for this job because then you have a better understanding of what kind of people are needed for what kind of jobs.


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That’s all, I hope you’ve found this blog post useful and that you found something interesting for yourself. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and of course, subscribe to our newsletter.