Today in this post, I will talk about the top 10 in-demand technology jobs in 2020.

Before we start, I want you to know that this list isn’t in a particular order but I’ve taken into account things like Salary, Growth Rate, Securities, etc.

So, the goal of this post is to list the jobs and little bit of talk about each position entails and some of the skills you need. I am not going too much into salaries because there are so many factors including experience, company, location, and all that stuff. There are a lot of online resources if you want to check the average salary for each position. So, lets start and below is the list of most in-demand technology jobs of 2020:

#1 Cyber Security Engineer


Security is always at the forefront of priorities for any major tech company, in fact for any company at all. A breach in security could be the downfall of a business, so it’s something that’s vital. It’s something that there is always going to be a need for security engineers and professionals who protect computer and network systems from potential hackers and cyber attacks.

This is the profession in which you probably need at least a bachelor’s floor. If this field interest you joining an organization like the information system security association or ISSA can help keep you up to date with trends in the information security business. As far as salary, I don’t really want to get into specifics but it could be anywhere between $80k to $15ok+ per year. But, there are a lot of different facts that go into that.

#2 AI/Machine Learning


AI/Machine Learning Engineering is next in the list of 2020 top tech jobs. AI, of course, artificial intelligence is probably the hottest thing right now. Automation is taking over everything and there is a very high demand in the market for it. Machine learning involves scaling data science algorithms to large data sets.

You will often work along with data scientists who will define the rules of engagement when it comes to a data set and communicating insights. You will also use a lot of analytic tools, you’ll also need to know some programming languages like Python, C++, etc. If you are really good at math algorithms problem solving this is probably the area I would recommend going into and make a ton of money.

#3 Full Stack Web Developer


Full-stack developers work on web projects on both the server and the front end. Although in my experience, it seemed to focus more on one side depending on the company and the position you are working for.

Full-stack developers earn around $100k and usually working with languages like JavaScript, C-Sharp, PHP, Python, as well as databases and frameworks on both the front end and the back end.

I don’t think the profession is going anywhere unless the web all of a sudden goes away. One of the best things I really like about this profession is that you can become really successful and get a really good job of being self-taught. Whereas, most of the other professions require a college education. Of course, a college education is going to help you a lot but it is also possible to be successful in this area without a college degree and I say this from experience.

#4 Data Scientist


Data scientist is labeled the best job in America by Glassdoor for now. three years in a row. And if you think about it, the most important thing to large tech companies is automation and data. Like AI/Machine learning, data scientists are in high demand.

As far as what they do? they basically analyze and interpret complex data and statistics and they consult businesses in decision making based on that data. They also work closely with machine learning engineers who pretty much implement software based on that data and analytics. They also use a lot of analytic tools based on Python and platforms like Hadoop and Apache Spark.

Data scientists also deal with unstructured data, so they basically take a complete and utter mess of data and make senses using tools. This another job for really analytical minds and you also make a crapload of money being a data scientist.

#5 DevOps Engineer


DevOps is becoming increasingly popular, according to, DevOps jobs went from 1% to 25%  from2012 to 2019.

DevOps can be a pretty broad profession but they usually work closely with software engineers and system operators to oversee conde releases. They do a lot with testing, deployment, maintenance and they also have experience with platforms like AWS and Azure.

DevOps are usually developers themselves and they also have other skill sets aside from just software development. They deal with automation tools, systems, IT operations and Unix inside now. There are a ton of skills involved being a DevOps professional more so than a developer.

#6 Mobile App Developer


Obviously smartphones and other mobile devices are not going anywhere, so mobile developers are in demand. Since 2016, mobile and tablet devices account for a higher percentage of internet usage than desktops by now.

Mobile developers work with languages like Jave, Swift, C-Sharp and more. However, web developers are really getting into this space, it’s a hybrid space because now we can create mobile apps with technologies like JavaScript and ReactNative. We can have Flutter and many other web-based frameworks and tools.

We also have progressive web apps that are really catching on. I’ve heard that progressive web apps are the future and not so much native that you would download from an app store.

#7 Front End Developer


We talked about full-stack development which entails working on the server-side with the databases, as well as the client-side. Front-end developers strictly focus and specialize on the client-side, so they deal with API’s and data.

The front-end has become much much more advanced than it used to be. We now have frameworks to create single-page applications that can do routing and things that were traditionally done on the server. So, the front end workflows are much more intricate than they used to be. This area requires a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Typically you also need to know JavaScript front-end framework like React, View or Angular and these frameworks are in really high demand for companies. Front end developers also do stuff with UI and UX as well as you are dealing with browser output and user interfaces.

From experience, front end developers make a bit less than full-stack developers but you can still make quite a bit money just sticking to the front end.

#8 Cloud Engineer


So, the next on the list is could engineer, job postings with the term cloud engineers and cloud computing have gone up by 27% since 2015.  Many companies are moving from traditional in-house servers to cloud-based infrastructure. Because these companies need people to plan architect and maintain that infrastructure.

Cloud Engineers have a few different roles like cloud system engineers, cloud security engineers, network engineers and so on. Each of these positions focuses on a specific type of cloud computing rather than technology as a whole.

Cloud Engineers usually need to have skills with Linux, AWS, Docker and programming languages like Java, Python, Etc. Basically, cloud engineers need a lot of the same skills that a DevOps engineer needs.

#9 Teach Lead/Manager


Tech leads or we can put managers are the people that usually lead or oversee software development teams. They are responsible for the overall planning and execution of software solutions to meet the needs of a project and of a business.

Tech Managers usually need experience and software development, as well as agile practices collaboration things like that. They should have a good experience with task management, priorities, and all that good stuff. Getting an assignment and executing it as a software developer would need to work more with a big picture of everything and work directly with the business needs.

#10 Network and System Admin


Network and systems admins probably have the slowest growth rate on this list but it is something that’s definitely needed as all companies need people to handle day-to-day operations. Network and Systems Admin take care of their computer network systems including Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, Network Segments, Intranets, and other data communication systems.

This is not so attractive and high paying as say a cloud engineer architect but it’s something that’s needed and it’s something that isn’t going anywhere.

Those are the 10 most in-demand jobs for 2020 and I think some of these areas overlap or some of these positions overlap.

What do you think about this list? let us know about your opinion in the comments section below.