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10 Tech Jobs That Do Not Require Coding Skills

tech jobs that don't involve coding

Is it your dream to work for a tech company but you do not want to get involved in coding skills? People will tell you that you may do not enter a good tech company as an employee without coding skills. But, that’s not the truth, in fact, there are many high paying IT jobs that do not require any coding skills.

If you’re on the who are wondering “I don’t like coding what would I do” then this blog post is going to find about jobs that do not require coding skills at all.

Just try searching for a job at a tech company from big ones to startups. You might find something super interesting already without having to expand your skill set. But if you’re looking for a potential career change or you just want to know what other technical jobs there are that don’t require you to know how to code don’t go anywhere because you’re about to find out. All right, let’s start, below is the list of tech jobs that do not require coding skills:

#10 UX Design


It’s an area that’s really blowing up right now and every company needs it in some shape or form. UX designers are the people that make sure that the software websites apps Etc are user-friendly, but not only in the sense that there is logic but also do they solve users’ needs. A lot of the time they carry out research to find out what their users are like, what do the users like and what problems do these users have and think about how they can design an experience that will enhance users’ lives and solve their problems.

This job does not require you to know how to code but it does require a lot of empathy creativity putting the user first doing research design skills and the ability to pass wire-frames. Designs onto the developers and being able to communicate how they should be developed because that’s very important.

Once you design it somebody actually has to be able to put it into an app or a website or anything else, but you have to be able to communicate what your design actually is so that they design it that way.

#9 UI Designer


This job is very related or I can say similar to a UX designer. But, it’s more focused stores the actual interface so are thinks clickable, is there a nice logic to the layout Etc. This job is actually very similar to that of a UX designer and a lot of the times the two designers would work together and sometimes it’s just the same person UI and UX are kind of scene to go hand in hand.

If you want to learn about the difference between UX and UI. We have a detailed article about that data go and search type in the search bar to find.

#8 Data Analyst


Big data exists to be analyzed and to bring insights to businesses and tech companies have plenty of data and somebody has to analyze it. So if you’re good with numbers and statistics data science might be a nice fun field for you. However, it’s starting to involve more and more technical skills in order to pull and analyze data from databases and that might require some code.

So if you’re interested in becoming an even bigger expert in the field, you might want to consider learning the basics of SQL and python. The good news is that they’re very people friendly. We share courses where you can learn these skills for free once a month. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter so don’t miss any of that goodness.

#7 Digital Marketing


Digital marketing, content marketing, and community management all of these professions are evolving with technology. They didn’t exist. Not that long ago.

They’re all about the new types of media and about putting the right content in front of the Right audience has to generate awareness leads, etc. Etc. It’s not as easy as it sounds and you really have to be on top of the new developments new technologies and new communication channels in order to stay relevant and you always have to be innovative to stand out.

So if creativity is one of your friends and you’re fluent and social media, and that means not just from a user perspective, but also the analytic perspective and the whole ad world the maybe this could be a great area for you

#6 SEO Specialist

SEO stands for search engine optimization and basically means improving and optimizing your rankings in search engines for example in Google because then there’s more probability that people will find your company and learn about your services.

SEO experts work with teams of developers and web designers in order to make sure that the right keywords are ranking on the right spots. Also that when search engine robots are indexing the page they rank it higher.

#5 Web Analytics Specialist

This job is quite similar to that of data analyst but here you’re examining the traffic the people the users who are coming into a website/page. You see what works for them. What doesn’t work for them and you experiment with how you can grab their attention. Together with SEO experts, this job falls under the Digital Marketing umbrella

#4 Growth Hacker

This is a fun one hacking has recently become a very trendy way of saying and I can’t describe but with just one word. It means finding a way to succeed at something but doing so quickly elegantly and efficiently. Growth hacking is doing just that for the growth of the company.

It means combining marketing business development and technology in order to create campaigns to acquire users. It’s quite fun and it takes a lot of experiments, tests, creativity, flexibility and so on and so forth.

#3 Tech Support Specialist

Some tech support jobs require coding but others don’t in fact when I was working at Google some of my friends in the tech support team didn’t use code and their day-to-day jobs. This job does require great problem-solving skills and amazing communication skills because you have to communicate with the person whose problem you’re solving.

#2 Product Manager

When a company has a product somebody has to plan a strategy for it. Right? Well, that is what product managers do and this job requires strategic leadership skills in order to manage the product and the team that is involved in supporting and developing it.

#1 Technical Recruiter


Programmers and developers do need to be hired and finding the right ones is the final job on my list. Hiring people isn’t easy though, you need to have amazing communication skills and you need to know well what the job requires in order to figure out whether the person has the right skills or not?

This is why I experienced them tag is beneficial for this job because then you have a better understanding of what kind of people are needed for what kind of jobs.


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That’s all, I hope you’ve found this blog post useful and that you found something interesting for yourself. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and of course, subscribe to our newsletter.

10 Best Tech Jobs For The Future


According to Gartner, the tech industry is at the top of the employment pyramid with some of the highest paying career options and it’s no secret that one of the biggest factors that influence our career choice is salary.

Now with the year 2020 right around the corner, this might be the best time for you to plan your career and future proof it by making sure that there will never be a hole in your pocket with the career you choose.

Best Tech Jobs for the Future

Now before we move forward do subscribe to our newsletter so that you never miss out on important information about jobs and career development.  Now without any further delays let’s get started with the best tech jobs for the future.

#10 Full Stack Developer


A full-Stack developer is an IT professional who works on the front end as well as on the back end of an application. The average salary that is offered to a full stack developer is $111k  per year. The skills that are required to become a full-stack developer include experience in working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, React, and any of the angles of Frameworks.

Programming knowledge of any general-purpose programming language, for example, python experience with database systems. For example, my SQL or Oracle DB and experience with web servers. For example, Apache.

#9 RPA Developers


The daily workloads of RPA developers include automating repetitive and monotonous tasks in an organization. In other words, RP developers are responsible for automating business processes using coding.

The average salary of an RPA developer is $140K per year. The skills that are required to become an RPA developer include significant experience in coding or scripting development knowledge of RDBMS and SQL experience in process analysis testing and Bug fixing.


#8 Python Developers


Now, I’m pretty sure that all of you already know that python is one of the most popular languages right now. Python developers are in huge demand in various domains such as web development automation and so many more and notice that all of these domains are among the highest paying domains.

So regardless of the domain that they’re working in Python developers will be getting some huge salaries and the average salary of a Python developer is around $118K per year. The skills required to become a python developer include expertise in core python good, grasp of web frameworks, and a sound understanding of python libraries.


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#7 IOT Engineers


Aan IOT Engineer is responsible for developing tactical IoT solutions that solve Real-Time Business problems. Now IoT might seem a fairly new technology, but it’s applications are widespread, from the idea of living in a smart home that can turn the AC on before you even reach home to the idea of living in a smart city where there is no traffic congestion at all. All of this can be made possible by IoT Engineers.

The average salary of an IoT engineer is $120K per year. The skills that are required to become an IoT engineer include expertise in one of the programming languages such as Python or Java, sound knowledge of Hardware requirements electronics and circuits, clarity on data and cybersecurity concepts and understanding of IoT applications using edge devices and sensors.

#6 DevOps Engineers


Now, if you have been following the recent technology Trends you would know that DevOps has become the heart of software development processes. A DevOps engineer is responsible for smoothing out the software development life cycle and to do that the develops engineer has to coordinate with developers and the IT staff as well.

The average salary that is offered to DevOps engineers is around $125K per year. The skills that are required to become a develops engineer include the understanding of Linux fundamentals, sound knowledge of various DevOps tools such as Chef, Puppet and more programming knowledge and a good understanding of coding building and testing a software project.

#5 Data warehouse Solutions Architects


This is the era of ever-growing data, which means that analyzing this data is not our only problem. We also first need to capture and store it somewhere. This is where data warehouse and data warehouse Solutions architect coming to the picture

the average salary of a data warehouse Solutions architect is $130K per year. The skills that are required to become a data warehouse Solutions architect include understanding ETL data modeling and data analysis understanding Data Systems and applications in order to create fault-tolerant systems experience with clients/server web-based computing architecture.

#4 Big Data Hadoop Developers


Big Data heard of developers are the ones who make it possible for organizations to deal with big data in order to understand customer behavior or to understand business patterns to achieve growth.

The average salary of a big data Hadoop developer is around $136K per year. The skills that are required to become a big data Hadoop developer include Proficiency in any back-end programming language basic knowledge of Linux operating system and typical problem-solving skills basic knowledge of SQL and database structures.

#3 Cloud Engineers

Cloud engineer is an IT professional who takes care of all the technical workload related to cloud computing. If you are aware of the current status of cloud computing in the market, you would know that almost every organization is looking for cloud Engineers because almost every organization is moving its infrastructure to cloud computing.

The average salary of a cloud engineer is around $140k per year. The skills that are required to become a cloud engineer include experience with Linux operating system understanding of almost any of the cloud computing platform basic programming knowledge and understanding DevOps.

#2 Data Scientists


Data scientists are big data Wranglers who work extensively with big data. They take over multiple roles within an organization, for example, data mining, data analyzing, data cleansing, later organizing, and most importantly extracting valuable information from data.

The average salary of a data scientist is around $142K per year. The skills that are required to become a data scientist include programming skills in any of the statistical programming languages like python or R statistical skills understanding of Big Data tools and data visualization tools.

#1 Artificial Intelligence Architect


AI architects handle AI development and management within an organization and also delivers AI solutions to the clients that they work with.

The average salary offered to an AI architect is around $145K per year. The skills that are required to become an AI architect include knowledge of programming languages used for statistical Computing such as R and knowledge of AI Concepts such as machine learning and deep learning and more.


These are the best tech jobs for the future that you should definitely look out for in the Europe 2020. But again, not everyone’s list can be the same. I hope you have found this information useful, please don’t to subscribe to our newsletter and share this information.

10 Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree


We all know that college is expensive while getting a four-year degree might still be an impressive life achievement. It isn’t required to get a good job more and more people are finding ways to make great money without racking up major student debt.

If you’re just starting out in the job market or you’re looking for a career change that doesn’t require a degree check out these 10 highest paying jobs without a degree options.

#1 Entrepreneurship


This is one of the highest paying jobs that technically doesn’t need any qualification at all only need to have it from starting capital of really a business idea and determination. The richest men on the planet are currently entrepreneurs including Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, And Bill Gates, Entrepreneurship is the backbone of most economies globally. From the local stores to digital startup you can start any type of business anywhere.

The main roles of an entrepreneur include making hard decisions about products, services, pricing, shipping, and sales. Managing business finances bleeding team and serving as the face of your brand. Well, this is a more viable option that provides list ability to start they can be one of the most lucrative options many entrepreneurs hit six figures and their annual salary with some who make millions.

#2 YouTube Content Creators


One of the best ways of making money currently through video creation on YouTube. A lot of people including models, chefs, reviewers, makeup artists, musicians, and many others are now YouTubers. Usually, YouTubers require a secondary skill besides video making something to show off on their video. However, some bloggers are just pranksters, a family going about their average day or people who travel to beautiful places.  Whether skillful of charismatic YouTube creators, they usually specialize in one particular area, like comedy fashion music politics and more.

YouTube creators are usually self-employed and they create video content and hopefully, they can get as many of you as possible. A YouTuber needs to have a strong and engaging social media presence in addition to a great online portfolio. Many YouTubers have new skills, as well as the ability to do social media marketing graphic design video editing and videography and manage their own business.

Some content creators have management teams to handle some of the work well, AdSense Revenue accounts for some of what many YouTubers making their salary brand sponsorships, book deals, speaking engagements, and branded merch make up the difference. Whatever your skill or interest in putting it in front of a video camera and engaging with an audience could be lucrative to make side cash or transform your career.

#3 Transportation (Storage and Distribution Managers)


Transportation distribution and storage managers form another group of high paying workers with no required degree. The field requires very little in terms of formal education and all that’s required is a high school diploma or equivalent. This could include drivers, movers, Logistics managers, route planners, shipping Warehouse managers, and more.

The roles can include negotiating with suppliers in dealers handling budgets, cost analysis, training personnel, planning project, running routes, and implementing safety protocols. Transport managers specifically focused on the movement of merchandise from place to place. Transport managers oversee that shipping methods, plan shipping schedules, and also set shipping routes.

Apart from that, they’re also responsible for resolving shipping errors as well as handling be concerned the Benders and agents. Distribution and storage managers working distribution centers in warehouses distribution and storage managers are normally in charge of locating or designing storage rooms. They also direct other employees on assignments that involve the shipment products in and out of the warehouse and how to store products safely.

It’s the responsibility of the distribution of storage managers to coordinate the shipment of products based on purchases and prepare documents that relate to their shipment. While these jobs can be demanding and complex, they require more practice experience and capability then they do academic experience.

#4 Computer Programmers


These are people who write in the test computer code responsible for running applications in the program. A computer programmer needs to be knowledgeable in different computer languages including Python, Java, c++, Ruby, and many others.

programmers work for a design company that works with computer systems, financial institutions, software publishers, and others. The best thing about this kind of job is that many tests can be done remotely since there’s no need for the daily commute. This means that more of the annual salary for the role goes in the worker’s pocket.

Although some programmers need to have a bachelor’s degree, many companies only require the programmer to prove their skills demonstrated portfolio past success and possibly have certifications in a specific language is or technology.

This is an industry that isn’t going anywhere as the world relies more and more on software applications online tools and websites. This is also an industry where things change so fast that by the time programmers finish their school, the demands of the industry will be changed and need to be relearned. For those wanting to get into computer programming and coding it’s best to learn quickly and get started.

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#5 Realtorshow-much-computer-realtors-earn

Realtors simply need a little formal education in order to obtain license within their home state. They are brokers who were involved in selling and buying a property and they only need a certificate to prove the validity of their capability.

This certification is much more affordable and short-term to obtain to pair to a four-year degree. In this career, you’re required to help people sell or buy commercial properties or homes, as an agent or broker. Realtors can operate on their own as an entrepreneur or work for a company is part of a real estate team.

The main requirements of realtors are to guide clients, finding the right property, showing properties, helping clients list and sell properties, networking, and understanding the reason they live in, monitoring the real estate market and handling the legal and financial process of buying and selling properties.

It’s important that Realtors operate with licenses because they do handle money, sensitive information and high-stakes transactions for the clients. The license requires 60-90 hours of training and experience of not less than one here is a real estate agent. However, those who want to be realtors in the future should be aware of the high competition.

It is a lot of ease when it comes to joining the real estate sector and although the top realtors usually do well and earn a lot of money, there’s a massive turnover. With research showing that those people who are realtors 10 years ago are no longer found in the real estate industry.

A realtor who works for himself or herself to make more money as he or she is no longer sharing the commission with a company. However, this requires the ability to Market yourself grow your clientele and fleets a client for your business doesn’t falter.

#6 Air Traffic Controller


Although it’s one of the most stressful jobs globally, air traffic controlling job is appealing to most people because of financial reasons. The education requirement of an air traffic controller is an associate’s degree or equivalent vocational merit. Air traffic controllers essentially coordinate aircraft movements in order to avoid air collision.

This may include approving takeoff or Landing for each pilot, providing instructions, monitoring aircraft movements on the ground, and in the air controlling ground traffic near run laser, taxi lines, tracking weather, conditions for pilots, transferring aircraft control to the next port of call, and accepting those from incoming flights and so on. This requires a high degree of tension, a focus on Perfection and extreme care toward safety

An air traffic controller should have computer knowledge because they use computer radar screens and other types of visual reference in order to direct them out of their aircraft movement on the ground and in the skies. They usually manage more than one aircraft simultaneously and make prompt decisions regarding the safety of the aircraft and passengers.

Although a degree is not required, a person needs to have the air traffic control license that can be obtained from the National Air Traffic Services after a three-year training. Besides that, they need to be able to prove that they have the skills, the focus, and the attitude to succeed in the industry. For beginners the starting salaries around $22,000 but growth comes quickly.

#7 Elevator Installers


Also known as elevator mechanics or elevator constructors. These journeymen simply need a high-school diploma or an equivalent GED to Secure these rolls. Rather than academic certificates companies look for people who are good with troubleshooting and repairs.

According to a research survey, most elevator technicians, usually learn through Apprentice programs or Vocational Schools while Academia is secondary to physical capabilities skills, like drawing in mathematics can help the applicants to easily compete for various apprenticeship programs.  The work of elevation installers is usually manual and can include assembling, installing or preparing passenger elevators and escalators.

The mechanics’ test machinery to ensure success repair, rebuild or replace motors troubleshoot malfunctions, reset brakes, manage control panels and maintain a clean record for all repairs. The current type of elevators has control systems that are computerized.

For this job, applicants need to be well-versed with electronics and computers while also understanding machinery, hydraulics, electrical wiring, and more. Most of all this role is more high-paying than many other types of repair jobs because failure to comply with succeeding could put people in imminent danger.

#8 Plumbers


Plumbers simply need a high-school diploma officially but there are many community colleges and technical schools would provide aspiring plumbers with formal training. They’re normally certificate programs who’s training usually lasts for 1 year or so.

The main duties of a plumber include maintaining, repairing, fixtures such as sinks, showers, bathtubs, and commercial industrial or Residential Properties. Plumbers Will Repair or install water pipes drain gas lines and water used appliances.

Because the work is so demanding, plumbers me to be manually adapt and ready to take on uncomfortable physical positions and requirement problem solving, mathematical, and Architectural skills are also a must for a good plumber. Because plumbers visit people’s homes and interact the must also learn and develop customer service skills.

The highest-paid plumbers are often those who go into business for themselves, which requires a whole host of other skills, like budgetary management, leadership, marketing, and more.

#9 Radiation Therapists


A radiation therapist sometimes known as a radiographer is a technician who performs x-rays on patience and any other diagnostic testing that requires Imaging. The required educational background of a radiation therapist is an associate’s degree in Radiology. But an alternate vocational certificate can be a thing.

This program usually takes less than 2 years to complete. Also, it must have been normally take about eighteen months while also cost me far less than a four-year degree.

Radiotherapists usually work under General conditions are Specialists. They’re responsible for taking images from patients as requested or directed by the physician. They also help the position in evaluating the images. Besides that, they’re required to observe how patients react or respond to treatments, document the radiography sessions, implement safety precautions, and also check the equipment

According to a research study, this is among the highest-paying jobs that have thousands of projected openings in the next couple of years.

#10 Nuclear Reactor Operator


A nuclear reactor operator is one of the many jobs with no degree requirement. All you need is a GED certificate or a high school diploma, very few employers require a degree from most job position power plant technology. These jobs are very serious and can be dangerous, no college education is more preparatory for this world compared to the training specific to the job at hand.

This is why on-the-job training is much more useful for this industry. A huge percentage of nuclear operator jobs require a person to have a certificate from a vocational school or any other significant work experience that’s related to nuclear reactor

Apprenticeships are given where a new nuclear plant employee Will Shadow one who already knows the protocol in learning. The formal degree isn’t required every employee must obtain a license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Regardless of whether you train formally through education or job training is important to know the basic aspects that relate to nuclear reactors turbine mechanics nuclear power generation in management current flow monitoring the functions of the generators equipment usage and measures of safety must all be learned before one is fully employed.

Overall the operators will be required to control the reactors start or stop a key piece of equipment adjusting monitor the controls outline any form of emergency procedure and keep very detailed records. It’s been projected that the nuclear power reactor operators will see an increase in jobs between now and 2025.


Overall you don’t need to have a degree in order to land some of the highest paying jobs in the world, but you must be willing to undergo other types of training or put your skills on the line

From our list, it’s clear that there are numerous types of jobs that only require a high school diploma certificate special skills experience or Ingenuity

Going to college has its perks but it isn’t the only option and for people who don’t see College as a fit. There are options out there for you.

5 Best Part-time Online Jobs To Do From Home


You want to learn a new profession and you don’t mind making some extra money. Today, I’m going to talk about 5 online jobs that you can do from home in 2020 already because you don’t need like a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree to do something that I’m going to talk about.

I’ve also tried to make my list very practical. So the jobs that I’m going to talk about are in high demand right now and the demand is going to grow for them. So, below is the list of 5 best part-time online jobs to do from home in 2020.

#5 Sales Funnel Manager

This is something we’ve started doing this year, but we should have started doing it a lot earlier. What is the sales funnel? So for example, you’re scrolling through Facebook and then you see like hey, here’s a free checklist to how to make money online in 2020 and you’re signing up you’re giving them your email.

They send you this free checklist and then they tell like hey if you want to do this job, like these are five steps to becoming a professional in it. They educate you through emails and then maybe three or four days they have an offer for you and they’re offering courses like $200 and you don’t buy it and then in two days, they follow you up with an email offering you a discount. This is a sales funnel and I think this is the present and the future of marketing.

People are especially if it’s a high-tech product you want just click on it first ad and by you need to be educated and this is what sales funnel is about. So, for example, We have a sales funnel for our website course, so you scroll through Facebook you see an ad like hey, this is a free webinar how to start making money online and I give ten steps to starting making money online and then there is an email follow-up.

Giving value first establishing yourself as a professional. We need people to do those sales funnels. We need somebody who will know how to create a not a webinar or just a webinar in general. We need people to write those emails. We need people to automate the whole sales funnel because of the whole thing about the sales table so you don’t do that every single time. You just launched it and it works and works and works. This profession is called sales funnel manager and the amazing thing about this profession is that you don’t need to be a specialist in the beginning in many areas because there is a lot of software already on the market.

They can just use to create everything, for example, GetResponse. We’ve been using this company across all of our products because you can automate all the emails you can automate all the webinars. So basically the way it works you go to GetResponse you have this Auto final section you start with making creative stuff for your ads for your Facebook like banners. Then you go into the next page, landing page, which you can also do and GetResponse and you do all the designer stuff.

They have all the templates for different Industries. Then you decide what you’re going to lead people to is the webinar, which you can also do and get response is it may be a free checklist then people sign up then you decide what’s going to happen like you draw the whole scheme of how emails going to work after people sign up and then you have the whole online store that you can set up on GetResponse. You can also connect a payment system. You can create all the confirmations that people are going to receive and this is all just one software.

I checked it out and it works, people are ready to pay up to $40/hr for sales funnels manager work and out an average. It would take you around 10 hours to create a sales funnel. And yeah, here you go. This is something you can do like Monday to Friday every day for two hours a day in a week.

#4 YouTube Channel Manager


So what does this person do? I’m a blogger. Whenever I produce a video, my editor edited everything but I need to put it on YouTube. What does it mean? I need to coordinate with my thumbnail designer what we’re going to put on the thumbnail and you to come up with the title, I need to come up with a description, put all the hashtags and put everything in just make sure that the video goes live on a certain date. If it’s a sponsored video include all the links work with my sales manager.

Like there is so much coordination stuff around that plus it’s also a very creative job because you need to come up with titles that people are going to click. So if you love watching YouTube, you know what you’re clicking on if you know what attracts people’s attention. You can totally try it in terms of pay what I found in up work again. It’s around $25 an hour. I would say per video if you also working with an editor like saying like hey, we need to cut out this, we need to make this more Dynamic and stuff. I would say would take three to four hours to work on one video.

I would say maybe a little less I pay on average from$50-100 per video. Constantly looking for people like that because yet you need to be very responsible like you need to be careful with all the titles all the thumbnails you have to be very attentive to details and at the same time you need to feel the dynamic of the video.

If you want to go to the next step of this profession. There’s the whole channel strategy thing. If you’re saying that different videos are performing better with your client, you can tell them like, hey, let’s double down on this content. Let’s do this, this, and that, let’s collaborate with those people and people are ready to pay a lot more for that. I would say this is more like a YouTube marketing consultancy business and I will start with like a hundred dollars an hour, but you need to be a professional so start with YouTube channel manager or YouTube video manager.

This is something I guarantee you are going to be in high demand because I’m already struggling to find the right people. And if I find the right people they end up becoming YouTubers.

So yeah, there’s definitely a market for that the next very creative profession. If you love being creative if you like talking to people you don’t like being in front of the camera, which is you know, it’s a typical problem for a lot of people but you don’t mind speaking to a microphone then this job is great for you. And it is,

#3 VoiceOver

There is a lot of demand for people who engraved voiceover. So if you are confident with your voice if you’re confident in speaking talking public speaking, this is something that you can try. I found a couple of websites that are going to help you find jobs, they’re called VoiceBunny, Voice123, Voices, and SnapRecordings. The average pay is around $16 an hour and a lot of demand on UpWork as usual.

I would say UpWork is the website if you want to check out, you know, Coming up with something you want to do and you want to check out if people are looking for it go to up work and see how much people are paying how many job postings are over there again another job that you can do voice-over specialist.

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#2 Virtual Recruiter

If you want to hire top professionals and stuff you would need a degree in HR or at least some education, but if we’re looking for people who are lower level, for example for a small company, I’m constantly looking for customer service people.

I need a recruiter to recruit it to do something that can be learned very quickly. So like coming up with job description creating a test for that profession then just putting it on different websites you can have work on Freelancer or Indeed, like all of the job websites putting it out there, finding Facebook groups that are talking about this profession funding courses that teach people how to do that particular job and connecting with managers of those courses and tell them like, hey, we have an opportunity for your students to get some real work experience.

So basically, you’re coming up with the whole structure and do the interviews and then you pass the best candidates to the person who hired you for this job. People are ready to pay $15/hr to virtual recruiters on freelancing websites.

#1 Graphic Designer

This is something I suggest people start with who love the creative part of the job. Most people who are in the graphic designing field begin with Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe software. But, there are also some amazing and free online tools like Crello and Canva that comes with many awesome features to save tons of time. They have hundreds of pre-made templates, they have a simple drag and drop system to make it easier.

A graphic designer can find jobs easily between $5-85 per project on the freelancing website like Fiverr, Freelancer, and UpWork. On these websites, designers usually get small projects like banners, video thumbnails, editing photos for social media, etc.

That’s all! What do you think of this list? let me know in the comment section below. If you find this information useful, do not forget to share it with others.

10 Most In-Demand Technology Jobs 2020


Today in this post, I will talk about the top 10 in-demand technology jobs in 2020.

Before we start, I want you to know that this list isn’t in a particular order but I’ve taken into account things like Salary, Growth Rate, Securities, etc.

So, the goal of this post is to list the jobs and little bit of talk about each position entails and some of the skills you need. I am not going too much into salaries because there are so many factors including experience, company, location, and all that stuff. There are a lot of online resources if you want to check the average salary for each position. So, lets start and below is the list of most in-demand technology jobs of 2020:

#1 Cyber Security Engineer


Security is always at the forefront of priorities for any major tech company, in fact for any company at all. A breach in security could be the downfall of a business, so it’s something that’s vital. It’s something that there is always going to be a need for security engineers and professionals who protect computer and network systems from potential hackers and cyber attacks.

This is the profession in which you probably need at least a bachelor’s floor. If this field interest you joining an organization like the information system security association or ISSA can help keep you up to date with trends in the information security business. As far as salary, I don’t really want to get into specifics but it could be anywhere between $80k to $15ok+ per year. But, there are a lot of different facts that go into that.

#2 AI/Machine Learning


AI/Machine Learning Engineering is next in the list of 2020 top tech jobs. AI, of course, artificial intelligence is probably the hottest thing right now. Automation is taking over everything and there is a very high demand in the market for it. Machine learning involves scaling data science algorithms to large data sets.

You will often work along with data scientists who will define the rules of engagement when it comes to a data set and communicating insights. You will also use a lot of analytic tools, you’ll also need to know some programming languages like Python, C++, etc. If you are really good at math algorithms problem solving this is probably the area I would recommend going into and make a ton of money.

#3 Full Stack Web Developer


Full-stack developers work on web projects on both the server and the front end. Although in my experience, it seemed to focus more on one side depending on the company and the position you are working for.

Full-stack developers earn around $100k and usually working with languages like JavaScript, C-Sharp, PHP, Python, as well as databases and frameworks on both the front end and the back end.

I don’t think the profession is going anywhere unless the web all of a sudden goes away. One of the best things I really like about this profession is that you can become really successful and get a really good job of being self-taught. Whereas, most of the other professions require a college education. Of course, a college education is going to help you a lot but it is also possible to be successful in this area without a college degree and I say this from experience.

#4 Data Scientist


Data scientist is labeled the best job in America by Glassdoor for now. three years in a row. And if you think about it, the most important thing to large tech companies is automation and data. Like AI/Machine learning, data scientists are in high demand.

As far as what they do? they basically analyze and interpret complex data and statistics and they consult businesses in decision making based on that data. They also work closely with machine learning engineers who pretty much implement software based on that data and analytics. They also use a lot of analytic tools based on Python and platforms like Hadoop and Apache Spark.

Data scientists also deal with unstructured data, so they basically take a complete and utter mess of data and make senses using tools. This another job for really analytical minds and you also make a crapload of money being a data scientist.

#5 DevOps Engineer


DevOps is becoming increasingly popular, according to indeed.com, DevOps jobs went from 1% to 25%  from2012 to 2019.

DevOps can be a pretty broad profession but they usually work closely with software engineers and system operators to oversee conde releases. They do a lot with testing, deployment, maintenance and they also have experience with platforms like AWS and Azure.

DevOps are usually developers themselves and they also have other skill sets aside from just software development. They deal with automation tools, systems, IT operations and Unix inside now. There are a ton of skills involved being a DevOps professional more so than a developer.

#6 Mobile App Developer


Obviously smartphones and other mobile devices are not going anywhere, so mobile developers are in demand. Since 2016, mobile and tablet devices account for a higher percentage of internet usage than desktops by now.

Mobile developers work with languages like Jave, Swift, C-Sharp and more. However, web developers are really getting into this space, it’s a hybrid space because now we can create mobile apps with technologies like JavaScript and ReactNative. We can have Flutter and many other web-based frameworks and tools.

We also have progressive web apps that are really catching on. I’ve heard that progressive web apps are the future and not so much native that you would download from an app store.

#7 Front End Developer


We talked about full-stack development which entails working on the server-side with the databases, as well as the client-side. Front-end developers strictly focus and specialize on the client-side, so they deal with API’s and data.

The front-end has become much much more advanced than it used to be. We now have frameworks to create single-page applications that can do routing and things that were traditionally done on the server. So, the front end workflows are much more intricate than they used to be. This area requires a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Typically you also need to know JavaScript front-end framework like React, View or Angular and these frameworks are in really high demand for companies. Front end developers also do stuff with UI and UX as well as you are dealing with browser output and user interfaces.

From experience, front end developers make a bit less than full-stack developers but you can still make quite a bit money just sticking to the front end.

#8 Cloud Engineer


So, the next on the list is could engineer, job postings with the term cloud engineers and cloud computing have gone up by 27% since 2015.  Many companies are moving from traditional in-house servers to cloud-based infrastructure. Because these companies need people to plan architect and maintain that infrastructure.

Cloud Engineers have a few different roles like cloud system engineers, cloud security engineers, network engineers and so on. Each of these positions focuses on a specific type of cloud computing rather than technology as a whole.

Cloud Engineers usually need to have skills with Linux, AWS, Docker and programming languages like Java, Python, Etc. Basically, cloud engineers need a lot of the same skills that a DevOps engineer needs.

#9 Teach Lead/Manager


Tech leads or we can put managers are the people that usually lead or oversee software development teams. They are responsible for the overall planning and execution of software solutions to meet the needs of a project and of a business.

Tech Managers usually need experience and software development, as well as agile practices collaboration things like that. They should have a good experience with task management, priorities, and all that good stuff. Getting an assignment and executing it as a software developer would need to work more with a big picture of everything and work directly with the business needs.

#10 Network and System Admin


Network and systems admins probably have the slowest growth rate on this list but it is something that’s definitely needed as all companies need people to handle day-to-day operations. Network and Systems Admin take care of their computer network systems including Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, Network Segments, Intranets, and other data communication systems.

This is not so attractive and high paying as say a cloud engineer architect but it’s something that’s needed and it’s something that isn’t going anywhere.

Those are the 10 most in-demand jobs for 2020 and I think some of these areas overlap or some of these positions overlap.

What do you think about this list? let us know about your opinion in the comments section below.